Can I order regular weekly cleaning with the same cleaner for every session?

Yes, you can. Please, choose Weekly cleaning when you order your cleaning.


Can I trust the cleaner you send me?

Yes, you can. Our cleaners have been vetted, have a certificate in cleaning and housekeeping and have a certificate of conduct. Most of them have been working with us for years.


What’s in the ISS Eco-friendly Cleaning Kit?

The ISS Eco-friendly Cleaning Kit is a carefully selected collection of eco-friendly cleaning agents. It provides you with the peace of mind of using cleaning agents which are harmless to you and to the environment yet effective. Find out more about the ISS Eco-friendly Cleaning Kit here. (aloldalra mutató link)


When and how do I pay for the cleaning?

You pay the cleaner directly and in cash once the cleaning session is over. You only pay for the actual number of hours the cleaner needed to clean your apartment. You also pay for the ISS Eco-friendly Cleaning Kit if you have ordered one.


How do I know how much the cleaning will last and how much it will cost?

When you order your cleaning on the website, there is an estimate of time and corresponding price you can see in the blue box on the right. Our estimate is based on years of experience and thousands of cleaning sessions yet it can happen that a cleaning session will take less or more than the estimate. You only pay for the actual number of hours the cleaner needed to clean your apartment.


What if my apartment does not look like any of the floor plans you provide on your page?

That can happen. 🙂 Please, choose the one that looks the most similar to your place.


Can I ask for a specific cleaner?

Yes, you can. Please, give us the name of the cleaner in the Other notes box when you order your cleaning.


Will the cleaner come on my preferred day?

We cannot guarantee it as it depends on the availability of cleaners for the given day. Nevetheless, we will do our best to arrange a cleaning for your preferred day.


How do I know exactly when the cleaner will come?

After you have ordered a cleaning session on the website, we will contact you via e-mail to discuss the details with you within 24 hours (usually it’s just within a couple of hours).

I have a question I can’t see in your FAQ section. What shall I do?

Contact us !

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