About us

We have founded Homerun, formerly known as ISS Budapest, in 2011 to help expatriates, international students and tourists find accommodation and a new home. Besides finding accommodation we have been helping to clean, maintain and get everything else done around the house. Our number of customers and range of services have been continuously growing in over the past 5 years. After the Airbnb boom, we have divided our grown startup to two divisions, and besides the all-round real-estate management, cleaning services became available as a separate service. We felt that the over half-a-decade old name and corporate identity did not reflect our services and us anymore, so it was time for a facelift! Thus Homerun was born so that we could serve our customers with the same quality, but with a fresh look and enthusiasm.

With over 5 years of expertise behind our back, our Airbnb support division with 7 staff members provides all-round home management services for over 55 apartments. Besides real-estate management a staff of 20 cleaners serves all the needs of homeowners.

Who we are

László Frenyó

During my years of study at McDaniel College Budapest, I had the privilige to live and study in the US and in Germany as an exchange student. At this time I got acquainted with numerous foreigners and understood their needs of living in a foreign country. Before starting Homerun, I have founded a successful events company and a business aimed at advising everyday financial issues.

István Kis

I have both studied and lived in Hungary and abroad. During my travels I have gathered ideas to establish my own entrepenurship. Prior to Homerun I have founded a relocation company, and have been developing real-estates in Budapest. As a real-estate developer I have a deep understanding of the needs of quality home services, which played a major role in the early stages and success of Homerun.

Katalin Vaszilev

I studied and lived in Hungary as well as in England. In my previous jobs, I worked with foreigners in an English-speaking environment. I started working in property management and short-term lease in 2011. Since 2014, I have been using my experience and expertise in the field to establish and enhance Homerun's good reputation in the market.

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